Yizhuo Li

I'm a first-year PhD candidate at The University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Ping Luo, co-supervised by Prof. Wengping Wang and Prof. Xiaoou Tang.

I obtained my Master's degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, supervised by Prof. Cewu Lu, and Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University.

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I'm interested in computer vision, especially in multi-object tracking, self-supervised learning, and video representation learning.

Test-Time Personalization with a Transformer for Human Pose Estimation
Yizhuo Li*, Miao Hao*, Zonglin Di*, Nitesh B. Gundavarapu, Xiaolong Wang
NeurIPS, 2021
[paper] / [project]
PGT: A Progressive Method for Training Models on Long Videos
Bo Pang*, Gao Peng*, Yizhuo Li, Cewu Lu
CVPR, 2021 (oral)
[paper] / [code]
TDAF: Top-Down Attention Framework for Vision Tasks
Bo Pang, Yizhuo Li, Jiefeng Li, Muchen Li, Hanwen Cao, Cewu Lu
AAAI, 2021
HOI Analysis: Integrating and Decomposing Human-Object Interaction
Yong-Lu Li, Xinpeng Liu, Xiaoqian Wu, Yizhuo Li, Cewu Lu
NeurIPS, 2020
[paper] / [code]
TubeTK: Adopting Tubes to Track Multi-Object in a One-Step Training Model
Bo Pang, Yizhuo Li, Yifan Zhang, Muchen Li, Cewu Lu,
CVPR, 2020 (oral)
[paper] / [code]

Design and Source code from Jon Barron's website.